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Shreve Town Ghost Walk in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, United States | Ghost Walks

Shreve Town Ghost Walk in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA takes you on fascinating walks in the downtown area and you listen to tales of history, and learn about some of the haunted places. There's a historic Oakland Cemetery Tour as well which contains the largest collection of cast iron and wrought iron grave fences in the city and was established in 1847 with gravesite dating back years before, come learn why. Shreve Town Ghost Walk also takes you to the Rendall Building which was a coffin manufacturer in the 1800's and today is believed to be haunted, but houses a Creole Soul Food restaurant on the first floor, they have a wonderful range of eerily recommended tours to enjoy, and along with the fascinating history is time well spent learning about the town most haunted structures and local legends.

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