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Shout Karaoke in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, United States | Billiards | Entertainment

Shout Karaoke in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a unique Entertainment venue with a spacious karaoke lounge that features Billiards, sporting events, and DJs to keep you and your friends entertained until the early hours of the morning. Our Entertainment venue also features a private party room with its cozy atmosphere, comfortable lounge seating and a karaoke system with thousands of songs to choose from. Shout Karaoke is the perfect Entertainment venue with 11 private rooms for fun karaoke nights out with friends, corporate parties or special events, with singing, good food and a large selection of drinks to keep everyone entertained.

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109 N Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach
United States
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Cozy Atmosphere
Comfortable Seating
Finger Food
Sporting Events
Special Packages