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Welcome to Seatronics, Gloucester, United States. Seatronics CO. is the oldest servicing Marine Electronics shop on the North Shore. Gloucester. We are committed to our customers long after your equipment purchase is made.  Why should you buy Marine Electronics from Seatronics Co...

* Seatronics Co. is primarily a servicing dealership with over 88% of repairs and overhauls done in our shop. This means a fast turn around on equipment repairs and a minimum of down time.

* Our commercial customers appreciate this fact as well as our "weekend" boaters.

* When necessary, we will supply "loaner" equipment if repairs are not effected in a timely manner. This will happen on occasion for reasons beyond our control i.e.: parts back order. "Loaner" equipment normally applies to original Seatronics Co. customers.

* Our prompt service is due to our vast parts inventory and expertise. We have the ability to repair vintage equipment as well as the latest state of the art Marine Electronics.

* When you buy your Electronics from Seatronics Co., you will not have to worry about getting stuck with a piece of equipment that does not work.

* We will analyze your needs and suggest the appropriate equipment to do the job.

* Whenever you need advice or have a question on any equipment purchased from Seatronics Co. simply call, fax, or email one of our factory trained technicians for the answer.

* We can offer advice for the installation of equipment purchased from Seatronics Co. for the "do-it-yourselfer."

* If you prefer, our installation team can install the equipment for you and test all functions as needed.

Seatronics,Co. is Cape Ann's and the North Shore's oldest Marine Electronics Dealership. Local customers call us on Marine VHF Radio ch. 07A. Our off-shore customers call us on SSB Marine Radio to schedule repairs when their vessels reach port.

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