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Sea Kayak Georgia, located on Tybee Island, Georgia, United States, offers the finest service in the Kayaking community. Develop your skills as a paddler, purchase a kayak or quality paddling gear,or get out on the water for some much needed relaxation.

Join us for our fun three hour salt marsh paddle every morning and afternoon, no experience necessary. Our seasoned guides and naturalists love to interpret the beauty of Coastal Georgia.

Sea Kayak Georgia, located on Tybee Island, Georgia's School of Coastal Kayaking schedules a full range of American Canoe Association (ACA) skills development training and assessment courses. We offer ACA Instructor Trainings & Certifications. We also offer British Canoe Union Star Awards and Coaching Certifications. Custom instruction is one of our most popular options. Rough Water Kayaking is one of the favorite Tybee Island programs. We can arrange for a day in the surf allowing you to experience the exhilaration and fun of Coastal Georgia's warm waters and fun conditions.

Let us plan a custom trip just for your group ranging from a day paddle on one of our many rivers to an expedition down the Georgia coast.

Half Day Trips - Tybee Island and Little Tybee Island Tours:
No experience is necessary. Come spend a morning or afternoon with us in the wilds of Georgia's barrier island coastline. Join us at our full service outfitting shop for the orientation. We offer parking and almost always provide transportation to and from the launch site.

Our shop has apparel perfect for Kayaking, the beach and having fun around the island. Our facility has restrooms for use before you get on the water and after the tour you can rinse your feet or take a shower before heading out for more island fun.

Full Day Trips: Get adventurous and take a full day to go exploring. All Tours require pre registration and pre payment.

Stunning, pristine waterways, white sand beaches, and moss-hung maritime forests are the hallmarks of Georgia's wild and lonely Barrier Islands. Our full day trips give you a satisfying taste of Georgia's coastal wilderness, meandering through the tidal marshes and exploring beaches accessible only by kayak. With guides well versed in the local and natural history of the area, you will come away with fascinating insight into the wilds of the Georgia coast.

Little Tybee Island
Little Tybee Island is a chain of inland hammocks and small barrier islands connected by a maze of tidal creeks. Largely deserted even in summer months, the area is accessible only by boat. A graphic example of dune formation and maritime forest evolution, Little Tybee has a progression of palm, juniper, bay, pine and live oak trees. It is inhabited by dolphin, raccoon, gray fox, mink, feral pig, deer and alligator. There are no permanent human dwellings. The island has several miles of beachfront, accessible from inland rivers flowing to the sea. Thus, you can beach camp without having to paddle through the surf zone. On the other hand, if you like surfing, Little Tybee offers some of the best on the Georgia coast. Wild, scenic and wonderful, it is a great place for forest camping in the winter months or beach camping in warmer times. Sea Kayak Georgia runs day trips and extended camping trips to Little Tybee.

Wassaw Island
National wildlife refuge open to the public during daylight hours. It has mature maritime forests and miles of deserted beach. Famous for the Bone Yard, a grove of live oaks taken by the sea, dead but still standing in the sand and exposed to the roots at low tide. Departure for Wassaw is from Priest Landing down the Wilmington River, timed to be with the tide both ways. All day trip for intermediate paddlers.

Ebenezer Creek
A blackwater river that flows so slowly you could paddle it in either direction. The trip runs for seven miles through a cypress forest straight out of Tolkien's Trilogy. Thousands of cypress knees reach up to meet the Spanish moss like stalactites and stalagmites in a watery cave. The single best word to describe this place ? "Enchanting."

Skidaway Narrows
The narrows has the best summertime osprey viewing area around. Protected waters lead to large hammocks and a Civil War gun embankment. Long route takes you past the Isle of Hope marina and a number of interesting sail boats.

Intermediate Full Day Trips
Join an intermediate full day trip and do some mileage to explore the area and take some of the lesser traveled cuts and backwater passages. We'll go down to the south end of Little Tybee for lunch and then paddle back through the ocean to one of the back river landings.

Put in some miles on the way out, practice some navigation skills and on the way back catch some surf and do some rough water practice.

Join us on the full and new moon tides that will be very high. At high tide we won't even have to stay in the channel we can paddle over the grass and take short cuts to go fast and far. This is an opportunity to do some paddling that we don't get to do until the lunar phases bring spring tides.
Prerequisite: intermediate paddlers with a reliable roll

Custom Day Trips
Sea Kayak Georgia will be happy to plan a custom day trip for your school group, conference or outing club. Tell us your group size and dates, and we'll help you choose the perfect trip for your needs. We can arrange a picnic lunch. Prices vary with location and group size.

Rentals - We offer rentals to kayakers familiar with tides and currents.
Our sit on top line is the fun way to explore the salt marsh environment. For the more experienced paddler, we have both plastic and composite decked sea kayaks to choose from. We'll supply you with a kayak, and all the essential gear you need.

If you need a bit more experience before renting or you need some local knowledge our guided tours are the way to go. Sea Kayak Georgia offers day and camping trips by canoe as well as many inland canoe excursions. Inland Georgia rivers are wild and scenic and have incredible camping opportunities for groups, families and individuals.

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