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Background of San Ramon Chamber of Commerce in San Ramon, California
For 25 years, the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce has provided local businesses with an added measure of security by hosting business to business opportunities for sharing advice, political representation and customer introductions. Networking, business education and advocacy are our passion and specialty.

The mission of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce is "To enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of the San Ramon Valley by representing business and community interests."

The Chamber of Commerce is devoted to helping the local business community by promoting our members and facilitating opportunities for business development. We especially respect the entrepreneurial spirit of new business owners and believe that the money they invest in Chamber membership will be one of their wisest investments.

Our focus is three fold. First, to provide opportunities for local and regional businesses to meet, exchange ideas and foster new business relationships. Second to provide an online resource to the community that promotes our member businesses and refers their products and services. Third, work with the membership to influence legal and political issues that impact the business community.

The Future
The Chamber is always looking for new ways to assist our members. Today's web technology is making it easier for us to communicate with our members, coordinate meetings and refer customer traffic to our members businesses. As we move into the future we will continue to focus on the promotion of our members and the tangible values of Chamber membership.

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