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At San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco we believe that we have created the ultimate center for wildlife by providing the best care and attention for the rare and endangered species entrusted to us. Our mission is to educate visitors to wildlife, and in so doing inspire in them a caring attitude for nature and conservation. We have established an eductional centre which provides formal and informing programs for children and adults alike, then there is a park and nature center which showcases native plants and Gardens, and a bird sanctuary which is a bird watcher's paradise. And when you need to rest awhile, there is a recreation area where visitors can relax and have some fun.
However, the main attraction to the Zoo is, of course, the animals, who are housed in habitats ideally designed to show them off. Among the most popular animal exhibits are the African lions, gorillas, tiger salamanders, one-horned rhinos, awesome grizzly bears, to name just a few, and for the very brave, feeding time at the grizzly paddock is usually around 11.00am, be there, its a fearsome event.

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Sloat Boulevard and the Great Highway, San Francisco, California
San Francisco
United States
(415) 753-7080
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