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Welcome to The Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, United States. The Salvador Dali Museum shall educate the public and promote understanding, enjoyment and scholarly examination of art through the exhibition of works by Dalí and artists of similar vision. The Salvador Dali Museum shall preserve and expand its collection of art of Dalí and related archival material.

In cooperation with other Museums and educational institutions, the Salvador Dalí Museum shall be an active resource in the cultural life of our local, state, national and world communities by the presentation of intriguing and varied exhibitions and programmes.

The Salvador Dali Museum is the flagship of cultural tourism on the West Coast of Florida and welcomes over 200,000 visitors each year from around the world. Serving the Florida community, 10,000 students are admitted without charge annually. Our education programmes produce study guides and web information for students and teachers. Two film series, lectures and concerts supplement the themes of the exhibitions. The Museum Store - one of the most dynamic in the Museum world, with books and educational material as top sellers, reflects and extends the exhibition experience. A new series of small format exhibition catalogues is published to accompany the four new exhibitions mounted each year. The Dali maintains strong partnerships with the community of St. Petersburg, the State of Florida as well as Museums and educational institutions globally. As a partner with locally based corporations, the Museum is an engine for economic development in Florida.

The Salvador Dali Museum will create a new building to protect its collection and welcome its visitors. It is continually adding to the collection with acquisitions of paintings, drawings and prints. The Museum's extensive archival library is key to the advances in academic research on topics from Dali to Surrealism, to interpretations of contemporary art. 

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1000 Third Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida USA
St. Petersburg
United States
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