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Rose Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas, was built in 1955, specifically for wedding ceremonies, and is able to seat up to 125 guests. The beautiful stained glass windows that depict a rose motif, lights up the Chapel perfectly during the day, and lights set above the arched collonades provide a romantic glow for evening wedding ceremonies. Rose Chapel has in-house wedding consultants and event planners who will assist you in planning your special day, and there are three dressing rooms available for bride, groom and attendants. Surrounded by perennial gardens, Rose Chapel has more than 50 rose bushes and a myriad of other flowers ensuring that there is always an attractive bloom of colour around the building and courtyard. Proceeds from the wedding ceremonies support the ongoing restoration of this beautiful, historic Chapel.

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1519 Lipscomb Street
Fort Worth
United States
+1 817-921-3939
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