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Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, Winnebago County, United States | Nature Reserve | State Park

Chiseled out of the state?s far northern region is Rock Cut State Park in Winnebego County in Rockford, Illinois, United States. Nearby are other "rocky" landmarks, the mighty Rock River and the place where wagons once forded it, Rockford, Illinois. It?s an area of rolling plains, interesting history and recreational variety.
Two lakes set off the park?s 3,092 acres. Pierce Lake, with 162 acres, is a retreat for people wanting to fish, ice fish or ice skate. A second 50-acre Olson Lake is especially for swimmers. Rounding out Rock Cut State Park's recreational options are camping, hiking, horseback trails and cross-country skiing. Whatever the season, you can be sure there?s quite a bit of activity going on at Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, Illinois.
Because water serves as a welcome mat to birds and animals, wildlife watchers to the area won?t be disappointed. Birders report good viewing, with waterfowl being abundant. Deer, fox, muskrat, woodchuck and beaver inhabit Rock Cut State Park as do opossum, raccoon and both gray and fox squirrel.
The trail system at Rock Cut offers opportunities for hiking (40 miles), mountain biking(23 miles), and equestrian(14 miles) and has been completely remarked. Trail users will find updated trail head/information signs at picnic areas and trail access points for trail information and regulations. Only certain trails are designated for mountain biking and equestrian use and are identified by colored trail markers. Blue trails are for mountain biking and hiking, yellow trails are for equestrian and hiking and red trails are restricted to hiking only.

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