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The ReptilienZoo Iguana is located in the centre of Vlissingen in the Netherlands, with over 600 different species of insects, spiders, reptiles and amphibians from around the world. There is also a separate baby station where the eggs are hatched and you can view the various animals and also the young animals.

In Vlissingen, in the late seventies / early eighties there was a dramatic increase in the appearance of displaced reptiles, amphibians and other invertebrate creatures. This were taken to the homes of two families, but eventually there were so many "asylum seeking" animals that there was no longer space for their human carers. The was much need for greater space as well as the need for better care and facilities at the Zoo, as most of the captured animals sick or injured.  All this led to the creation of the Iguana Foundation in 1981.

The doors of 
The ReptilienZoo Iguana were first opened to the public on May 19 1982. Initially, the 300 sq metres space where we started doing this were sufficient. But since the year 2000, we use 4000 sq metres. Of course lots happens behind the scenes, including growing of food, storage, quarantine, a library, and full staff facilities. And of course we always have space a shortage. At the start the ReptielenZoo Iguana had 4 rotating volunteers, who worked in addition to a "normal" night or day job in the Zoo. Nowadays there are still volunteers working in and for  The ReptilienZoo Iguana, and we also have 29 full time and part time staff members from in and around Vlissingen.

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