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Reelax Charters at the Sugarloaf Key Marina in Sugarloaf Key, Florida, USA offers an unforgettable all-inclusive Key West backcountry experience perfect for all ages, families and individuals. Your adventure starts with an easy 20 minute motorboat trip to a stunning Kayaking and swimming hideaway and tours can last from 4 hours and more for up to 6 people, and you get to relax and enjoy marine life and birds in a serene natural habitat. You captain at Reelax Charters offers sea Kayaking at its best with a unique trip through the mangrove islands and kayaks are available for one or two people along with instruction, so join them for a relaxing day out on these azure waters, and bring your dog along.

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Sugarloaf Key Marina, MM17
Sugarloaf Key
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United States
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