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Just for coming into a Pure Fitness a health club in Phoenix, Southwestern, United States, your consultant or trainer will complete an in depth Fitness assessment to determine your physical Fitness levels, in order to establish short term and long term goals for your time spent in the gym. Once Fitness goals are set, Pure Fitness will develop a personalized training program just for you. This program will be taught to you and then you will be monitored.
Along with supplying professional guidance in regards to your workout routine Pure Fitness have certified and trained staff who will assist you in putting together a diet, which includes proper supplementation that will be aimed at enhancing and maintaining all the great results from your dedication and consistency in the gym.
Pure Fitness in Phoenix, Southwestern, are committed to educating you using the most current, scientifically validated Fitness and diet information available. The Apex Training System is designed to help you pursue your Fitness goals (changing body composition) through improving your lifestyle with proper nutrition, cardio respiratory exercise, nutritional supplementation, resistance training and the continual guidance of Fitness professionals. Exhaustively researched and carefully developed, the 5 components of Fitness create an optimum balance of essential elements to assure maximum weight-loss and increased lean body-mass with minimal exercise and caloric restrictions.

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