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What are the oldest structures in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Southwestern in the United States? They are the remains of the Hohokam culture and some of them are the centerpieces of Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park. They include a partially excavated Platform Mound and a ballcourt along the Ruin Trail. Now, thanks to the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, Southwestern, visitors can also tour the newly constructed replicas of Hohokam houses. The replicas have been built based on archaeological data since no complete remains have been found.
Pueblo Grande Museum, through their annual Indian Market, Museum Store and over 400 members have raised the funds to fully pay for the construction of these Houses. The Museum also provides funds to meet staff needs that are not covered by the City of Phoenix budget.
For over 70 years Pueblo Grande Museum has been dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Hohokam culture. On the 102 acre park grounds, visitors explore the ruin of an 800 year-old platform mound possibly used by the Hohokam for ceremonies or as an administrative center. An excavated ballcourt, and to full-scale reproductions of prehistoric Hohokam homes can be viewed along the ruin trail. The site also includes some of the last remaining intact Hohokam irrigation canals.
Between 1995 and 2002, the trail system was extended to the ballcourt and a native garden was added to showcase plants that the Hohokam cultivated. One of the frequently heard questions from visitors has been, ?Where did the Hohokam live?? To answer that question, Pueblo Grande Museum constructed full-scale replicas of a Classic Period compound and a Pre-Classic pit house cluster along the expanded interpretive trail system.

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