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Welcome to the Port Arthur Public Library, Port Arthur TX, United States. The Port Arthur Public Library is supported primarily by tax dollars from the citizens of Port Arthur TX. Other funding sources include memorials, Friends of the Library fundraisers, and grants.

The Port Arthur Public Library Advisory Board recommends changes in the facilities and services of the Library and expenditure from the Library Special Fund (made up of donations, bequests and grant money).

The Port Arthur Public Library now offers access to over 1,700 books in electronic form through the on-line catalog. Purchased by the Texas State Library for Texas public and academic libraries, this collection is available to registered borrowers both in the Library and remotely with a home computer.

The Technical Services Division is responsible for the physical preparation of books and other materials and their addition to the catalogue. Every item which you check out must be marked, labeled, stamped, and bar-coded. A record for the item must be placed in the on-line catalog - and the better records (with more information on which to search) take more time to prepare. When these items are worn out, missing, or out of date - the records must be removed from the catalogue. Technical Services handles over 10,000 items per year.

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4615 4615 9th Avenue, Port Arthur, Texas
Port Arthur
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