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Plaza Mexico in Storm Lake, Buena Vista County, United States | Mexican Cuisine

Capturing the heart of Mexican style and flavor, take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at  Plaza Mexico in Storm Lake, United States.

Traditional Mexican food from the beginning.   For many years, the talented chefs at  Plaza Mexico in Storm Lake have treated our customers to the exotic, robust flavors of authentic Mexican tacos, enciladas and burritos.  With a dedication to excellence, the owners of  Plaza Mexico, our chefs, and our staff of friendly servers strive to provide you with the perfect dining experience, a blend of authentic MexicanStorm Lake cuisine as well as a small sampling of American cuisine in the relaxed, casual atmosphere only found in , south of the Rio Grande.

Comfortable, Mexican style atmosphere.
   From our comfortable booths and tables to our authentic Mexican artwork and décor, Plaza Mexico transports you to the heart of Mexico.  While you enjoy our traditional Mexican foods, you can almost feel the gentle tropical breezes, hear the distant sounds of bustling Mexican caminos, and taste the mouthwatering aromas of tortillas, fresh cheeses, and juicy meats from the local markets.

Mexican Cuisine with unsurpassed quality.  Because our chefs are passionate about their work, Plaza Mexico
creates dishes exclusively from the freshest ingredients and the finest traditional Mexican recipes.  Homemade tortillas, crisp lettuce, succulent tomatoes, tender, juicy meats, and savory spices make every item on our menu a delectable treat.   Whether you tackle a plate of traditional tacos or try our awe-inspiring house specialties, our food will warm your heart and satisfy your taste for adventure.

American Cuisine.  Try our delicious
American cuisine, which is prepared with the same dedication to provide our customers with mouthwatering food.  From juicy hamburgers and delicately seasoned New York steak to fresh sandwiches and crunchy French fries, our American cuisine is sure delight all who taste it.

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United States
(712) 732-0802
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