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The mission of Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix,Southwestern, United States, is to inspire people to live in ways that promote the well-being of the natural world.
At the Phoenix Zoo we are dedicating a portion of our efforts to a sanctuary for animals that need our help because they have no other place to live. The animals you'll see in Sanctuary include White Rhinos, Asian Elephants, Mexican gray wolf, Cheetahs, Arabian oryx, and a host of other animals. These animals are part of Sanctuary for various reasons. Some of the animals are threatened with extinction and in need of captive-breeding programs. They will live at Phoenix Zoo and produce offspring that will go on to restore wild populations. Our three Asian elephants and other animals that have behavioral problems will get a chance for a better life through the special attention given in Sanctuary. Animals retired from breeding programs and animals that are not needed for breeding programs get lifelong quality care. Sanctuary also includes animals that are being rehabilitated for return to the wild or animals that have an illness or injury that keeps them from ever living a normal life if returned to the wild.
Though still comparatively young, the Phoenix Zoo has already gained an international reputation for its efforts on behalf of wildlife. Phoenix Zoo participates in numerous local and international efforts on behalf of endangered species, including the Mexican wolf, thick-billed parrot, black-footed ferret, Bornean orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant, and many more.
Important as on-site conservation programs are, they are not enough by themselves to ease the biological crises facing wildlife and people alike today. Times have changed since the Phoenix Zoo's opening in Phoenix, Southwestern, so has the state of the environment.
The larger challenge is enlisting the active support of people, this community, this country, this world, in living so that the long-term survival of as many species as possible, including our own, is assured.
To help meet this challenge, the Phoenix Zoo has rededicated itself to functioning as an advocate for the natural world, communicating with people about animals, plants, humanity, and the needs we share.

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