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The Phoenix Coyotes Booster Club in Phoenix, Southwestern, United States, is a non-profit organization created to promote and support the activities of the Phoenix Coyotes professional Hockey team, Coyotes Charities and the National Hockey League.
Phoenix Coyotes Booster Club in Phoenix, Southwestern, encourages attendance and participation at Phoenix Coyotes games and other scheduled activities and enthusiasm between the Phoenix Coyotes and the public for the betterment of the sport of professional Hockey and our local community.
We participate in fund raising activities for Coyotes Charities as well as the selected Coyotes Causes each month. Support of these activities is encouraged for all members during games as well as during non-Hockey times.
Phoenix Coyotes Booster Club's activities include group trips to away Hockey games, meetings, hospitality with visiting NHL booster clubs and events within the community.
The goals of Phoenix Coyotes Booster is too provide loyal support to the Phoenix Coyotes professional Hockey team and Hockey in Arizona, be supportive of Coyotes Charities and the monthly Coyotes Causes fund raising activities, be involved with charitable organizations in the community, to incorporate social activities to promote Hockey between members and other booster clubs and above all, have fun.

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