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The Penthouse at Cicada Restaurant, Los Angeles, California, United States is the perfect venue for weddings, social gatherings and any celebration. The Penthouse was designed by some of the most distinguished architects and artisans of the Jazz Age. It was built for James Oviatt, a haberdasher whose luxurious shop once occupied the ground floor of his namesake building. Oviatt?s ambition was to create a spectacular residence that would showcase the Art Deco design he?d admired at the 1925 Exposition in Paris.
The exquisitely preserved Penthouse contains many of its original appointments, including chandeliers and fixtures by Rene Lalique, a magnificent Art Deco bar by the renowned design firm of Saddier et Fils, and flooring of exotic woods.
The surrounding walls are ornamented with Moorish architectural details. A winding staircase leads to an observation platform and clocktower. This upper roof provides a dramatic position for musicians and DJs, whose music wafts down to guests dancing below.
Penthouse offers a romantic, elegant and memorable setting for your ceremony and reception. The Penthouse may be reserved for a photo session prior to the wedding.
The staff of the Penthouse at Cicada Restaurant, Los Angeles, California, United States will collaborate with you to design the floor plan best suited to your needs. It is possible to dine, dance, conduct conferences and hold ceremonies throughout the facility.
In addition to the formal furnishings in the Penthouse, tables, chairs, a dance floor, heating lamps and a sound system are provided. The furniture will be arranged according to your specifications.

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