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If you like the food and the atmosphere at Pappo, tell John Thiel. If there is something in the experience that displeases you, tell John Thiel. That's because Pappo, a 4-month-old Restaurant in the heart of Alameda, is essentially a one-man show. Thiel created the Restaurant in the space of the defunct Skylight Cafe. He creates the menus and crafts the eclectic list of European and West Coast wines and beers, and he is both chef and No. 1 host. He's the sole owner, so there is no one to share the credit, the blame or the bills. The room is utterly unpretentious yet inviting, with an exposed brick wall on one side and bright local artwork on the other. Polished dark wood tables with small votive lights and comfortable ladder-back chairs add up to a homey feeling, in character with what Thiel calls "home-style gourmet" food.

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2320 Central Avenue
United States
(510) 337-9100
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