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Ocean Crest Pier in Oak Island, Brunswick County, United States | Fishing

Many North Carolina angling families refer to us as their "Fishing Home Away from Home"

Ocean Crest Pier,recognizes the ever changing economy and how they affect coastal salt water anglers...

Yes it is true that Ocean Crest Pier is the last fully operational Fishing pier here on Oak Island, United States.

Much like you we're an angling family here and we know all too well the importance of having knowledge based information. This information has become a mainstay which sets us a mile apart from other coastal North Carolina Pier businesses.

The in's & out's of Fishing are important to our patrons making decisions concerning the when, where, why's, and how's too!

It helps them catch more of their favourite fishes. Our goals here always reflect upon those of our patrons. It’s a simple formula of success. One we'll continue practising as we move further into the New Year.

We realize the importance of fulfilling our responsibilities. If we have at the end of the day we can all proudly say..........We've all have had a successful day here.

There’s an old saying that if it isn't broke “Don’t replace it" and we won't. Our patrons though can rest assured we'll do our best fine tuning the experience. Ocean Crest will continue doing as we have these past five years and that is paying attention to the details and holding true to our commitment to doing what’s right for our patron supporters.

Its imperative to the Ocean Crest Pier  organization your time spent here is a positive experience. One worth repeating. It is with-out doubt the foundation of our success story here in Oak Island.

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1409 East Beach Drive.Oak Island, North Carolina
Oak Island
North Carolina
United States
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