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Neptune Beach Amusement Museum in Alameda, Alameda County, United States | Museum

The Neptune Beach Amusement Museum, Alameda, California, United States

The Neptune Beach Amusement Museum, a place where you can escape the grind of daily life, immerse yourself in pure fun, travel back to a simpler time, or pursue the academic niche of your choice. There will be hands-on experience for all ages, encouraging family activity and bonding.

The Arcadium is the fundraising arm of NBAM consisting of 3 separate entities that require admission, display our collection, and make people aware of our goals. They are also available to individuals and other non-profits for event hosting and fundraisers.

NBAM is proposing to occupy Building 3 of the former Alameda Naval Air Base in Alameda, CA. Built in 1940, streamline modern style this building is an historical beauty in itself. Originally serving as the base mess hall, the open architectural style will translate well to a hands-on interactive Museum as well as to showcase over 300 machines ranging from the early 30's to the late 90's.

OBJECTIVES: ? Create an interest in the local history of Neptune Beach and Alameda.
? Inspire an interest in electricity, physics, math and the wonders of Science.
? Stimulate an interest and appreciation for art
? Provide a Mentor center to encourage mid to high school students to learn about science, art and history.
? Create the first pinball Museum in the US and preserve a valuable collection of pinball machines.
? Educate the public on the history of the pinball machine and its impacts upon American history, art and technology.
? Create a destination that's educational and entertaining-to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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713 E Santa Clara Avenue Alameda, CA,California, United States
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