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Mustard Seed Cafe in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is not only a delightful coffee shop with a relaxing, comfortable outside patio, we also do Catering as well as offering interesting and fun Cooking Classes. All our meals are artistically chef-prepared and our delightful breakfast menu includes breakfast gumbo, a choice of unique omelets and marscapone stuffed French toast. Chef Ken, who has published numerous cookbooks, is the joint owner of Mustard Seed Cafe, and offers exciting Cooking Classes for groups, and classes include tasting the prepared dishes as well as recipes for easy to prepare dishes. You are given a unique opportunity of creating your own cooking class within your price range for fun and informative classes.

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1541 Bellevue Street
Green Bay
United States
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Cooking Classes
Tasteful Meals
Breakfast Selections
Outside Patio
Canvas Gazebo
Excellent Menu