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Welcome to The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) located at 5500 Stevens Avenue, South in Minneapolis, Minnesota is presently the only non-profit museum in North America dedicated solely to the preservation and presentation of educational exhibitions and related events pertaining to Russian art and artifacts.
Exhibitions at TMORA are generally rotated on a 90 to 120 day schedule. Please refer to the Current Events and Future Events and Schedules pages of this web site for the most recent information regarding specific exhibition activities.
The Museum of Russian Art sponsors seminars, lectures and related events designed to supplement the regular scheduled art exhibitions. Authorities in various fields of Russian and Soviet art are invited to share their knowledge and perspectives with our museum visitors. The seminar events are open to the public and the schedule of these activities is also included in the Future Events and Schedules page of the site. Please note that seating availability for these supplemental events is limited and preferential notification and reservation opportunities are extended to members of the TMORA Museum Society. Please call the museum in advance to confirm availability for all seminar and lecture events.

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