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Welcome to the Motiva Youth Training Academy (MYTA), Port Arthur, United States. The Motiva Youth Training Academy is helpful in providing support, encouragement, and career paths for high school students.

The Motiva Youth Training Academy (MYTA) is a programme of opportunity for select high school students. It is a partnership with the Port Arthur TX Independent School District designed to improve employment opportunities for area youth in business and education. MYTA students will learn many skills that will help them to succeed in the future.

The Motiva Youth Training Academy consists of a one-semester programme that provides students with classroom instruction and structured work-place learning. The goal of the MYTA is to encourage career growth and future education, including a college degree.

Students can earn up to 1.5 diploma credits once they successfully complete the MYTA programme.

During orientation at the Motiva Youth Training Academy, Port Arthur TX, students are prepared for worksite placement and interviewed by partnering "mentor" companies.

After the three-week orientation, students are selected by a "mentor" company to begin working between 12 and 16 hours a week. Students will continue to attend the Academy one afternoon a week for instruction.

At the Motiva Youth Training Academy, we endeavor to train our youth of today for the work of tomorrow.

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