Morgan Hill's Getaway

Morgan Hill's Getaway in Port Townsend , Jefferson County, United States | Apartments | Retreat | Residence

Morgan Hill Getaway is located Uptown in Port Townsend, United States,  with commanding water and mountain views.  Mountain Hill Getaway has two private getaways, namely The Cottage and the Morgan Hill View Loft, which feature outside patios, fireplaces, double-sided tubs, and kitchenettes with stocked breakfast.   The cottage is suited for families while the Loft is an unique adult experience.
At Morgan Hill Getaway's Cottage in Port Townsend, sailboats dance on a sparkling blue stage, offers guests a  a tub meant for two, the firelight draws your dreams a little closer while the  kids slumber in the loft.  Soft music surrounds you, a starlit bed invites you to dream while  beach waves lap the shore beyond as the 'Puget passion' embraces you.
Morgan Hill Getaway's Morgan Hill View Loft has four floors up in a cozy nest, towering over a bustling harbor.  You snuggle down and watch the sunrise from your feather bed while candle light dances to the soft music, bathing together under twinkling stars.   You smile at your good fortune, a haven for peace and delight.

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606 Roosevelt Street
Port Townsend
United States
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