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Montecito Preschool in Los Altos, California in the United States, offers Preschool and drop-in care to children ages 2-6 years old. Montecito Preschool is a warm, happy and nurturing place where they will discover the joy of learning.
Our developmental (active learning) curriculum emphasizes the following skills,
social skills and language development, gross and fine motor skills, sensory and cognitive development, listening and following directions, enhancing attention span and self regulation.
These skills help to foster positive self esteem, self discipline and social-emotional expression.
With the basic building blocks of learning appropriately developed, a child?s future academic achievement is assured.
In addition, we believe that the bond between humans, animals and nature starts in childhood. Montecito?s Grant Road campus, with its open spaces, native flora and gentle animal, provides an ideal setting for exploration by young children.
50 years helping children discover, learn and grow, come to Montecito Preschool in Los Altos, California, andsee what makes us unique.
Human development clearly indicates that there are universal, predictable sequences of growth that occur during the first nine years of life. That is to say, all children learn certain skills and knowledge at particular stages. The timing for the learning is unique, based on a child's individual personality, background, and interest.
Our Preschool program is developmentally appropriate; it is based on the developmental research and each child's individual needs.
We plan a portion of each day that is free with many choices and only safety rules, play safely, be kind to others, and be careful with our toys and our school. Free time occurs at bike time, outdoor playtime, and free choice time in the classroom. We also plan structured times such as circle which is a large group time.

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1468 Grant Road
Los Altos
United States
(650) 968-5957
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Nurturing Place
Fostering Positive Selfesteem
Self Discipline
Social-emotional Expression
Language Development
Enhancing Attention Span

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