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Welcome to the Midnight Sun Motel, Lake Worth, United States. The Midnight Sun is a very clean and friendly environment located just 10 blocks south of
downtown Lake Worth. The Motel is just minutes away from the beach in downtown Lake Worth and all of the local restaurants and nightclubs. We are just a
few blocks away from The Lake Worth Golf Course and the intracoastal waterways.
The Midnight Sun Motel has a large pool, tanning deck, sauna, HBO,
Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a laundry room. There are 16 high tech surveillance cameras which monitor the parking lot, pool/patio areas, alley and the exterior corridors. This is not needed but is provided for the safety of the guests of the Midnight Sun Motel.

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1030 S.Federal Hwy, Lake Worth, Floriga
Lake Worth
United States
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