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Masakhane was started as a Care Centre in 1992 by the Valley Development Project (VDP) operating out of a dilapidated bungalow and shipping containers in Masiphumelele, Cape Town.

Against a backdrop of displaced communities, poverty, HIV/Aids, unemployment and social decay, the VDP aims to foster healthy self reliant and sustainable communities.

Masakhane provided and oasis for local children surviving in difficult circumstances. However, the centre was severely under-resourced and struggled to provide a meaningful education.

The Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope became involved and, with the support of several overseas clubs and individuals, they launched a project to acquire land and build a proper Centre with facilities any modern Educare would be proud of.

Through the project Paul Harris Fellow Herbie Eichel became involved, contributing much needed cash, equipment and salaries for an English teacher and part-time numeracy guru. He had long held a vision for "Empowerment through Education" and in Masakhane this vision found a home.

With community involvement, Masakhane has become a vibrant pre-School boasting a fully equipped School building with newly acquired furniture, classroom and office equipment, and quality educational material. 115 happy children are accommodated in five classes, two toddler classes, one pre-R and two Grade-R.

The Seven inspired staff members receive support, mentoring and the opportunity to receive formal accredited qualifications. They have access to world-class teaching guides, and attend a weekly planning meeting to ensure a structured teaching programme.

GET INVOLVED - With your help, Masakhane will continue to touch lives. As we grow in strength, we inspire others: this project can be duplicated, making a significant contribution to uplifting the lives of people struggling to survive in other displaced communities.

DONATE - Make a difference to their lives by spending a few minutes on-line with our easy payment facility - submit a regular monthly contribution or once off donation via the website.

VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME - Masakhane is in search of people who are willing to give up a few hours each week to impart their skills or talents to children or teachers at the School, be it music, art, life skills...

CONTRIBUTE - Calling on teachers to contribute their skills or courses to inspire our teachers and further their training.

SPONSOR A CHILD - Masakhane will give them good grounding. Now help one of our children go on to achieve a quality education. Make a difference in their lives so that they can make a difference in others.

Make a donation by Clicking on EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION

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