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Welcome to The Historic Lynwood Theatre, Bainbridge Island, United States. The Lynwood Theatre has been entertaining audiences since 1936 and was Bainbridge Island's first "talkie" movie Theatre. Lynwood Theatre now feature stimulating specialty films like foreign films, documentaries, independent fare, the classics
Lynwood Theatre are one of the few single screen Theatres still in operation in the new millenium.
Special features include: brisk alternative films, real butter on freshly popped popcorn / a popcorn condiment bar / movie speakers in the restrooms so even if you leave the auditorium, you don't leave the movie / a brief, live introduction to the evening's film / Classics Night / original artwork displayed in our lobby. Our patrons are always encouraged to let us know which films they would like to see.

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4569 Lynwood Centre Rd, Bainbridge Island, WA
Bainbridge Island
Puget Sound
United States
(206) 842 3040
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