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When an experienced surfer goes Surfing, he'd rather surf twenty waves than two waves, and that's what we do for our clients: We get you more waves. This is what it takes to get better at Surfing. Ride more waves. It's a simple fact which is often overlooked. We get you standing up and riding right away on the first day, so that you can surf all week even if it's your first time Surfing.
Surf Camp Activities
We concentrate on Surfing, and surf as much as possible. We aggressively try to improve everyone's surfiing throughout the week.
While we're resting on the beach, the surf campers are watching waves and getting surf instruction on things like wave judgement, how to deal with other surfers in the water, and a little of the history of Surfing.
We take photos of everyone in camp, and post these photos on the photo gallery page, where you can download low res photos for free. (We try to get you a CD of the photos by the last day of camp, but this is not always possible. So no guarantees, but we try.)

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