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Lambton Heritage Museum is located in Grand Bend off Highway 21, in Museum Road in Ontario, Canada. Over half a million people have visited the Lambton Heritage Museum since its opening twenty-eight years ago.

Attracting approximately 17,000 visitors per year, the Museum is a popular destination for tourists and local residents of Grand Bend, in the Lambton County of Ontario.

At the time of its founding, the Museum displayed just two private collections, but now the extensive 50,000 square foot complex is home to more than 25,000 artifacts and 10,000 photographs depicting the history of Sarnia-Lambton. The Museum is also home to Canada?s largest collection of pressed glass. At the Lambton Heritage Museum visitors can discover the only horse-drawn ambulance in Ontario, admire local historical views or walk under the steam engine which supported the largest industry in Bosanquet for most of the last century.

Visitors will also discover a rare stump puller produced by the Peterson Foundry in Sarnia; it is the only one of its kind remaining. The Museum?s antique engines and stoves include models not known to survive in any other collection, private or public.

As well as providing many entertaining hours for visitors, the Lambton Heritage Museum provides a secure and appropriate home for thousands of heirloom artifacts and photographs that tell the story of the development of Lambton County.

You may soon come to the conclusion that there are too many artifacts on display to absorb during one visit and will need to make a return visit. We welcome you back to the Museum in Grand Bend.

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