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Laetitia Vineyard & Winery has long been known for its warm hospitality and convivial spirit. Join us to share joy, happiness and tastings every day from 11am till 5pm.

Located in the heart of California's Central Coast, Laetitia Vineyard & Winery was established to create and promote a singular portfolio of Burgundian-style Wines and méthode champenoise sparkling Wines that reflect the terroir of the Arroyo Grande appellation and the unique characteristics of each varietal. Located four miles from the Pacific Ocean, our estate vineyard is part of a distinct viticultural area whose unique topography makes it one of California's coolest grape growing regions.

The Nadia Wines are a new brand created by Laetitia Winery owner Selim Zilkha for his daughter and partner, Nadia. After making Barnwood Wines for nearly 10 years, we realized that the estate could produce even more elegant and complex Wines, so we embarked on this journey to create the best possible Wines from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard, and the Nadia Wines were born, fulfilling this long-term dream. For Nadia, we focused our efforts in the best vineyard blocks and vinified the Wine with the intention of making the best Bordeaux and white Rhone blend from SBHV.

With Vineyards high atop the southern Santa Barbara Mountains in the picturesque Cuyama Valley, Barnwood concentrates on producing the Bordeaux and Rhône varietals that thrive in this region. Located 3,200 feet above sea level, it is one of the highest elevation Vineyards in the United States. Dramatically cool nights and warm days result in Wines of great depth and complexity. Handcrafted with minimal intervention, these Wines represent a pure expression of a largely undiscovered terroir.

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