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Kuba Uchi House of Massage - Located in the heart of Ocean Beach!

Stephanie from Kuba Uchi House of Massage, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA United States, is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist specializing in the Eastern techniques of Thai Massage, Tuina, and Setai Shiatsu. A graduate of I.P.S.B's associate of arts program in oriental methods, Stephanie has gone on to assistant teach a variety of asian modality classes at both I.P.S.B. and PCOM. In 1999 she completed an intensive Thai Massage training at I.T.M in Chang Mai, Thailand. There she was awarded a teachers training certificate. Stephanie has been licensed in San Diego since 1996.

Stephanie incorporates a variety of skills into her massage treatments, creating a style of bodywork that is unique to her. Wheather experianceing a particular modality, or a blend of Fusion Bodywork, Stephanie's sensitivity, and intuitive aproach to massage therapy will ensure the goals of each session are met. You can be certain you will leave the treatment with the lasting feeling of benefit.

Kuba Uchi House of Massage, Ocean Beach, offers the following services:

Traditional Thai Massage:

A deeply relaxing combination of gentle stretches, rhythmic palm presses, and accupressure along Sen energy meridians. This deeply relaxing massage aids flexibility, releases tension, promotes the free flow of chi energy, and much more!

Saitai Shiatsu:

This style of massage originates in Japan. The focus is working along accupressure meridians, and includes some gentle stretching. This massage is very effective for the lymph system.


A Chinese style of bodywork, Tuina uses a variety of hand techniques and accupressure to clear stagnation, relax, tonify, and relieve.

As well as Fusion Bodywork - Energy Work - Ultimate Thai Foot Massage

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