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Welcome to the Kids Discovery Museum in Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, United States. Our mission: Kids Discovery Museum in Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound or KiDiMu engages bodies and minds through interactive play, inspires a lifelong journey of discovery and expands connections to our local and global communities.

We know that to be successful in our mission, collaboration with other organizations is essential. For the past four years we have been introducing other area nonprofits to our vision and creating a roadmap for our organizations to work together to expand and strengthen services to Kitsap children.

Never be bored again
Take advantage of drizzly Northwestern days with some of these activities and games?guaranteed good times for kids of all ages!

Culinary Capers
Bake up some edible fun with these great recipes and story ideas.

It's Alive!
That's not just pizza on your plate?it's a science experiment! Dig in to the dough...

Make your own helicopter!
Have you ever seen Maple seeds that have fallen, just like little propellers? Well, here you can make your own helicopter using some lessons from nature!

Dr. Frankenstein at Home
Did you miss the Curious Lab of Dr. Synapse? no make your own monster at home with some body parts left over from the Doctor's Halloween experiments.

Make your own slime...ugh!
Check this out! The famous recipe that your parents don't want you to know about (but it's actually really fun to make it with them)! This stuff feels wet and dry at the same time, and works well to gross out most people!

Head Shrinking for Beginners
Always wanted to shrink a head, but never knew where to start? Well here are the basics , to get you well on your way to a career of home head shrinking. It doesn't pay so well, but hey, it won't give you a big head.

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