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Island Water Charters in Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles County, United States | Charters | Paragliding | Snorkelling

Island Water Charters in Santa Catalina Island, California, is a popular and reliable company that offers and organizes exciting and enjoyable outdoor activities and Charters that include parasailing, snorkeling and tubing. Our company will customize snorkeling Charters to suit your requests and can include a combination of snorkeling and sightseeing trips. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our parasailing flights that will take you up to 800 feet above the crystal clear waters of Avalon and enable you to take in the spectacular views below. Island Water Charters offers tubing trips for up to 6 people, and also includes tandem and triple tubing.

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20 Pleasure Pier
Santa Catalina Island
United States
(310) 510-9280
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Uncrowded Conditions
Calm Seas
High-flying Activity
Unforgettable Feeling
Amazing Views