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Welcome Hammond Castle Museum, Gloucester, United States. John Hays Hammond, Jr. built his medieval-style castle between the years 1926 and 1929 to serve both as his home and as a backdrop for his collection of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts. In addition, the building housed the Hammond Research Corporation, from which Dr. Hammond produced over 400 patents and the ideas for over 800 inventions. Second only to Thomas Alva Edison in number of patents, John Hammond was one of America's premier inventors. His most important work was the development of remote control via radio waves, which earned him the title, "The Father of Remote Control."

Visitors to Hammond Castle Museum are welcome to explore the castle on a self-guided tour of eight rooms including the great hall, indoor courtyard, Renaissance dining room, two guest bedrooms, the inventions exhibit room, the Natalie Hays Hammond exhibit room, the tower galleries, as well as several smaller rooms and passage ways. Visitors may also enjoy the beauty of the castle grounds and a view of the Atlantic shore line.

In addition to self-guided tours, Hammond Castle Museum offers a number of educational programs and prearranged tour opportunities for school and tour groups. Your visit will take you through one of the most unique homes in America. John Hays Hammond Jr., America's second greatest inventor built his castle home on the rocky Atlantic shore in Gloucester, MA. The castle functioned both as a home and as the site of the Hammond Research Corporation's laboratories. The Hammonds surrounded themselves with priceless artifacts from around the world. Our staff will guide you room by room through the castle, including the massive great hall with its colossal pipe organ, the indoor courtyard, Renaissance dining room, Gothic and American guest rooms, and inventions room.

Appropriate for any age.

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