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Situated in vibrant Chicago, Focus Time Escape offers immersive escape room experiences, thrusting participants into a realm of intrigue and time-bound challenges. Within this domain, two thrilling rooms await: Area 51, unveiling extraterrestrial secrets, and Maniac's Basement, a dark and twisted setting. Groups of up to 10 can engage in private games, benefiting from group discounts, fostering adventure and mental stimulation for diverse audiences. Booking via their user-friendly website is effortless. This venue promises an unforgettable test of skills, teamwork, and creativity. Whether for friends, families, tourists, gamers, or corporate teams, Focus Time Escape invites all to partake in an unparalleled odyssey of excitement in Chicago—a destination exceeding expectations for any seeking an enthralling escape room adventure.

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9856 Derby Ln, Westchester, IL
Oak Park
United States
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