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Flying Pig Coffeehouse in Oak Island, Brunswick County, United States | Coffee Shop

Welcome to the Flying Pig Coffeehouse on Oak Island, NC, United States.

Our guess is that the first question you have is, "How did you get your name?" Pretty much exactly how you might imagine...Becky really wanted to move back to the beach and open a simple, yet very cool Coffee Shop. The reaction from friends and family? "Chya! When pigs fly!" (Good thing they didn't say, "Yeah, if wishes were horses then beggers would ride!" Beggers Riding Coffeehouse? I don't think so...)

At the Flying Pig Coffeehouse, we know coffee. We know how to grind it, how to brew, how to serve it, and how to sell it. We also know how to make you happy when you come in for a cup.

We offer our customers a comfortable setting—both inside and out—in which to meet, greet, catch-up, or simply hang out.

We also offer our customers wireless internet service.

Stop by for a cup at our Coffee Shop!

And, of course, we sell stuff other than coffee at the Flying Pig Coffeehouse in Oak Island.

In addition to the great coffee—and tea—concoctions we come up with, not to mention the multitude of beans we have, we also have some other "stuff" to sell including "OINC" stickers, t-shirts, beach bags, and other cool beach accessories. We'd be happy to ship you a t-shirt, just give us a call, send us a check, and we'll get it right out to you.

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6006 East Oak Island Drive,Oak Island, NC 28465
Oak Island
North Carolina
United States
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