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Welcome to Eastern Point Day School, Gloucester, United States. Something very special happens at Eastern Point Day School, Gloucester . The mission has always been clear – to inspire, challenge and educate. Here students learn by exploration, hands on experiences, and instruction. These educational journeys take students, the teachers and their families beyond the boundaries of what they already know to meet challenges, solve problems and arrive at often an unforeseen destination. At the end of each journey, time and again it has become known that Eastern Point is a place where children and families love to learn.

I personally invite you to visit our School and experience firsthand what makes Eastern Point Day School a very special learning institution.  The Eastern Point Day School experience includes a focus on academic excellence, small classroom sizes (12:1 ratio), individualized attention in curriculum planning, expeditionary learning experiences, arts & enrichment, After School Programs and Extended Day.  Eastern Point offers a PreSchool through Eighth Grade value based curriculum tailored to each student’s personal needs and level of development. Our program emphasizes language arts, foreign language, science, mathematics, arts, social studies and physical education. Classroom learning is brought to life by utilizing Cape Ann's vast local resources. A few of our educational partners include the Gloucester Stage Company, the Gloucester Maritime Heritage program, Cape Ann Historical Society, Ipswich Audobon Society, Cape Ann Symphony, and YMCA. Extended day programs also offers other enrichment programs, crafts, socialization, and homework assistance.

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8 Farrington Avenue, Gloucester MA
United States
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