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Welcome to Earth Wizards, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Earth Wizards is a full service design-build firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We specialize in minimizing the impact of development on our lakes and streams. Think of us as green building experts who specialize in strategies that fall outside the building envelope. We can green your property, parking surfaces, walkways and even your roof.
As a design-build firm we have designers on staff, equipment and installation crews all in one place. This makes our design process more efficient, more relevant to on-site conditions, more in tune with installation, budget, methods, and materials. Our project managers are usually the designers, and they manage the project from start to finish. This eliminates miscommunication arising from when the designer?s work is left to be translated by someone else.
Being ?green? means we see sustainability as a balance of needs. We balance the environmental impact of your project with other factors, including your budget and ongoing maintenance requirements. With every project we look for opportunities to reuse and recycle materials. We use native vegetation wherever practical, and we consider the stormwater impacts of our work. We value our team, and we like to have fun while we work. We strive to maintain a positive work environment and respect our employees by paying living wages and providing time off, health insurance and retirement packages. We conduct our business in the most efficient manner from the equipment that we use, the safe environment for our crews to operate and to educate our clients on the physical, biological, cultural, aesthetic and economic benefits of our work.

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