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Welcome to Dunn Bros Coffee, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Our story is really quite simple. We've been roasting and brewing really great coffee since 1987 when Ed Dunn opened the first Dunn Bros Coffee shop in St. Paul, MN. Our coffee is roasted in small drum roasters in all of our traditional stores (the only stores that don't roast on site are our Express locations that you'll see in places like an airport, library, or college campus where coffee roasting is not an option). We do this because we know that there is nothing better than freshly roasted coffee so long as you're starting with great beans and roasting them with passion. What you'll find is that we source beans from the best farmers in the world. We care deeply about the sustainability of our farming partners and the environmental practices under which the coffee is grown.
A great coffee experience is also about shop environment. Our shops are real community treasures. They are real reflections of the communities that they're in. Most of our shops hang local art and play local music. Free WIFI is available in all but a few locations. And, unlike others, our shops smell like coffee. If you've ever been in a Dunn Bros Coffee shop, you know what we're talking about. It's the benefit of roasting every day, right in the shop.
Most important are our people. Our headquarters, Minneapolis, Minnesota is filled with coffee freaks. We're pretty impassioned coffee drinkers. We're a franchise company so our shops are typically owned and operated by people who live right in the community they serve. These great folks are also crazy about coffee. They join us on trips to coffee origin and, like us, they get to know farmers. But it's really the baristas behind the counter that we're most proud to have. They're the ones getting up early, handcrafting drinks, and cleaning up. These talented coffee experts are the face of Dunn Bros Coffee. Without them, we are not in the business of serving you.

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111 Third Avenue South, Suite 220, Minneapolis, MN
United States
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