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Dudley's Marina is a Full Service Marina in Swansboro, North Carolina, USA offering high quality Boating products and services and has been doing so for over 78 years. Here they offer an incredible amount of services including dockside fueling, boat storage, boat parts and services by factory trained technicians, as well as in and outboard repair and bottom painting. They also supply North Carolina fishing and hunting licenses and have igloo coolers, and are an official NC wildlife saltwater weigh station. Dudley's Marina are family owned and operated offering a first class experience at the Crystal Coast, and have nearly everything a fisherman or boater needs visit them today at one of the finest docks in Swansboro.

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106 Cedar Point Blvd.
North Carolina
United States
(252) 393-2204
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Boat Supplies
Certified Technicians
Dockside Fueling
Boat Storage
Boat Parts
Bottom Painting
Wrigh Station