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Divine Scoops in Avon Lake, Lorain County, United States | Ice Cream Parlour | Ice Cream Cafe

Divine Scoops in Avon Lake, Ohio specialises in ice cream and gourmet chocolates and a heavenly experience for all that visit, come indulge your sweet tooth, they know just how to hit the spot. Featuring Coblentz Chocolates from Holmes County Ohio, Divine Scoops invites you to come find your favorites, buy the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself and these chocolates are homemade of all flavors, including milk and dark chocolate, sugar free chocolate and white chocolate, and made from scratch with delicious centers, heaven in every bite. Come indulge your favorite ice cream in quarts and cones and fabulous flavors, you'll be back, and they open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for special events only.

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140 Lear Road,
Avon Lake
United States
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