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Deer Park Community in Homosassa Bay, Hillsborough County, United States | Comunity Development | Cottages | Assisted Living

Deer Park Community in Homosassa, Florida, is a community development that offers comfortable stays in a choice of 76 maintenance free Cottages, with thirteen of these Cottages providing Assisted Living services. Residents 55+ years of age living at our community development have a choice of Cottages that are suitable for independent living and range from 2 to 3 spacious bedrooms and many beautiful features that will ensure a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Amenities at Deer Park Community include an English pub, wellness center, beauty salon services, a rehab center, tea room, putting green and much more. The Royal Dalton House at Deer Park Community offers excellent Assisted Living care that includes social activities, fine dining and more.

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5445 W. Oak Park Boulevard
Homosassa Bay
United States
(352) 422-1933
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