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The Davenport Hotel in  Spokane, United States, has been world famous since it opened in September of 1914.   It was the first Hotel with air conditioning, a central vacuum system, housekeeping carts (designed by Louis Davenport himself), accordion ballroom doors and Crab Louis (named for Louis Davenport). The Spokane newspaper introduced The Davenport Hotel to the public with a special Sunday insert trumpeting "the new two million dollar hostelry of Spokane," even though the project was 50% over budget and actually cost $3 million.
At its opening, The Davenport Hotel was the largest private telephone branch exchange in the entire Pacific Northwest (with 450 handsets) and was similarly the largest and most complicated plumbing job (with 30-miles of pipes delivering hot, cold and drinking water to every one of its 405 rooms). Gilded with gold, sparkled by crystal and illuminated throughout with "electroliers," it was as grand as the finest ocean liners of the day.  The Davenport Hotel was truly one of the United States' exceptional Hotels.
The Davenport Hotel stands today as a perfect blend of old and new, respecting the best of what was and embracing the best of what is. The old lobby fireplace burns again year-round as a symbol of hospitality. A new digital network invisibly ties every room of the Hotel to the Internet. Spokane's finest restaurant, spa, candy shop, and book store all reside under the same roof as Spokane's finest Hotel, The Davenport Hotel.

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