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Welcome to Cupcakes, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. At Cupcakes, Minneapolis, Minnesota, we do catering for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events. We have an extensive cafe menu as well.
Interested in having Cupcakes for your wedding? We think that is a great idea, duh. Here's how it works. The best way to get going on this is to set up a tasting with me, Alicia, I am the Catering Manager. Interesting stuff about Cupcake, we treat wedding customers just like customers. I know that sounds strange but we don't have a wedding mark up. We make the Cupcakes for your wedding with all the love that we would make Cupcakes for your birthday so why would we charge any different for them.
We make all of the Cupcakes for your wedding from scratch in small batches using only the best ingredients. That's right the main ingredient in our buttercream is butter. We don't even own any shortening. Come on in and taste for yourself.
We also make breads, Born of water, flour, grapes, and wild assed yeast floating around in the, oh so wonderful Minnesota air. She has been with us since before Cupcake opened Oct 1st 2004 so that makes her a little over 3 years old. We gave her a good strong name and she has lived up to it. We named her Molly Brown after the ?unsinkable Molly Brown? of titanic fame. Some of our breads: Italian Ciabatta, Prospect Park Sourdough (dairy free), Multi?Grain (dairy free), Rye (dairy free) (caraway seed free), French Baguette, White, Honey Wheat

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3338 University Ave. SE. Minneapolis, MN
United States
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Italian Ciabatta
Prospect Park Sourdough (dairy Free)
Multi?Grain (dairy Free)
Rye (dairy Free) (caraway Seed Free)
French Baguette
Honey Wheat

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