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The Crossing Resort is a family owned and operated Resort, located at the Saskatchewan River Crossing, in the heart of the Icefields Parkway and the Canadian Rockies. Originally called the Saskatchewan River Bungalows Camps, The Crossing was built by George Brewster in 1948. It consisted of what is now the office and two cabins. The old location of The Crossing was approximately one mile south on the old dirt road that runs behind the motel today.
In 1963 the new highway 93 was opened and The Crossing was relocated to its present site. Robert & Naomi Smead purchased the Resort at this time. What we use today as the office was the main lodge at the original location and became staff accommodation when The Crossing was moved to its present location.
In 1975, the Resort was purchased by the Fikowski family. At this time the Resort operated from May until September with only the cabins for guest accommodation. It took a whopping 28 staff to operate the property that at that time offered 46 seats in the Dining Room and 64 seats in the Cafeteria. The Gift Shop was a cozy 600 square feet. A cabin at that time rented for $10.00 per day with one pail of water and $15.00 with two pails. An average day was one bus and the busiest day of the year was 7 buses.
Today, The Crossing offers 66 Motel rooms along with a 250 seat Dining Room, 125 seat Cafeteria, 70 seat Pub and a 3000 square foot Gift Shop. At the peak season, it takes about 80 staff members to operate the Resort.
As an Icefields Parkway accommodation, we have something for everyone. Our Mountain setting will be one you will always enjoy. Your hosts at The Crossing Resort are the three Fikowski Brothers. Originally purchased by their father in 1975, the three brothers have managed the Resort since that time and are now, along with their mother, the exclusive owners. The brothers also own Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie BC.

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