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Cricket Lodge in Kelleys Island, Erie County, United States | Bed and Breakfast

Cricket Lodge in Kelleys Island ( United States),was constructed in 1905 as a summer cottage for the late John and Bert Himmelein. John Himmelein was the manager of the Himmelein Stock Company. For 35 years, his wife, whose stage name was Beatrice Earle, was the leading lady of his vaudeville company.

Cricket Lodge in Kelleys Island (United States)is a Bed and Breakfast that was named after a favorite character in one of Beatrice Earle's plays. It remained a part of the Himmelein family until 1984 when it was purchased by its present owners, Frank and Chris Yako. In 1985, the home which had previously been a private residence, opened its doors as Cricket Lodge Bed and Breakfast.

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111 Lakeshore Dr
Kelleys Island
United States
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