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Welcome to the Corduroy Restaurant in Washington D.C., United States. You can't see the Restaurant from the street, but Corduroy is worth searching for...You see hints of Power's apprenticeship with Michel Richard in some dishes...but what comes across most clearly is not any particular influence, but rather that this is the cooking of a chef in love with the inherently good flavors of fresh produce. He may enhance them, but he resists any temptation to try to improve on them. Eating lunch or dinner at Corduroy has provided something of the thrill of going to the Dupont Circle farmers market on Sunday to see what's fresh and interesting.
The chef at the Corduroy Restaurant in Washington D.C., United States buys prime ingredients and lets them speak for themselves.

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1122 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC
Washington D.C.
United States
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Seasonal Produce
Gourmet Dishes
Master Pastry Chef
Mouthwatering Desserts
Private Rooms

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