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Columbia Kate's in Columbia, California's spin on the age-old drink tells its own story while offering antiques, specialized gifts and even antique buttons which are notorious story tellers themselves.
Seated at tables named after real mining claims of Columbia's heyday, a guest may learn why women of early California had entrepreneurial opportunities like no other state at that time.
Over a cup of tea, stories fly thru the air like dimes from the old barn's reputed ghost of a murdered French woman. She is said to have worked in a bakery on the same site before there was a barn.
Why she likes dimes, no one knows.
Recalling roots earlier than even British tea, Kate's shares tea lore as liberally as the gold miners squandered their gold on water, wagering, whiskey and women.
Columbia Kate's hours are Wednesdays thru Sundays 11:00am to 4:00pm.
Columbia Kate's is set in an 1880's period barn in historic Columbia, CA, our focus is in providing both an education in the Art of Afternoon Tea and enhancing a visitor's experience of Columbia while offering a pleasant atmosphere and a modicum of culture to a gold mining town.
Beautiful Columbia - Main Street looking north from the Wells Fargo Building. Columbia Kate's is just up the street and right on State Street, one block over to Columbia Street.

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22727 Columbia Street
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